Blue 10L anti-glug container/drum/jerry can with industrial strength food grade black cap. Perfect for domestic and commercial use. Ideal for campers for water, fuel and other fluids. Excellent storage containers for homes and garages for water, paint, thinners, solvents, degreasers and bleaches.


  • UN Tested and certified for food grade storage and transportation
  • Handy jerry can carrying grip for easy transportation
  • Anti-glug neck
  • Suitable for all types of liquids, including cleaning detergent, water and most chemicals
  •  Made from high density polyethylene, giving maximum strength and durability

This product range has been rigorously tested in accordance with UN recommendations and holds certificates for Group II or higher passes.

Note: Containers are brand new; should be rinsed out before storing drinking fluids. 

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10L Plastic Drum Blue

  • £8.95