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If you’re looking for quality containers to keep the contents in top condition, it’s essential to use the right storage product.  At Rutherford Retail we specialise in a wide range of containers – keeping your liquids in great condition all year round.

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Great Prices on Containers & Drums

We’re one of the UK’s most popular names when it comes to containers, and at Rutherford Retail, you can find all the essentials that you need to enjoy a safe, sanitary experience – whether you are looking for small or large containers. We’ve a wide range of products to help both private and commercial customers get the most from their storage containers, including:

Drums – UN quality containers to securely store and protect any liquids.

Caps & Lids – Caps made safely and securely to meet highest international standard.

Taps – Taps made to fit any container and distil any liquid from our containers.

Pumps – Pumps for any size drum for easy liquid extraction, ideal for any application.

Demineralised water – Purest deionised water available in any size for same day delivery.

Distilled water – Distilled water available in high volumes with rapid turn-around time.

Bulk Containers – The IBC container, with a welded steel tube frame, integrated palette and a robust, reusable plastic container. It is characterised by relatively low purchase costs and is available with optional UN approval for transporting dangerous goods.

Or perhaps you’re wondering which containers are best foryou? Our team are always on hand to offer advice and tips on which product will suit you – get in touch by emailing
sales@rutherfordretail.co.uk or visit our 'Contact Us' page.